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For over 30 years, Lovelace Landscape and Tree Service has offered landscaping and rock work in the North Texas area. From new landscape installations to entire renovations, we have the experience, tools, and equipment to get the job done right. We can also assist with water ponds, landscape lighting, new turf installation, retainer walls, and more..

We specialize in rock work in North Texas including Lake Dallas, Denton, Lewisville, Krum, Aubrey, Argyle, and more!

Contact us today at (940) 391-7644 for an estimate.
Rock Work Services Include:
  • Stone Based Walkways and Paths
  • Stone Borders
  • Rock Patios
  • Water Ponds and River Rock Creek Beds
  • Retainer Walls

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Rock Paths

Rock Steps

Owner with Custom Retainer Wall

Rock Borders

Rock Wall with New Sod

Variety of green with rock walkway

Circular rock border island

In progress pavestone rock border retainer

In progress multilevel rock wall pavestone retainer

New rock border of 6 inch thick stone

Old style natural rock steps bordered with fern

New England style wall

Retaining walls

Rock beds

Rock border pavestone concrete block border

Rock path and terracing with Asian jasmine

Rock patio

Rock steps

Rustic walk bordered by Asian jasmine

Terracing with rock wall and asian jasmine

Round Rock Patio

Rock Patio Slab

Rock Walkway

Rock Walkway

Stone Pathway

Stone Stairway

Stepping Stones

Stone Path to Finished Area

Stone Path and Walls

Installing Decomposed Granite to Reduce the Glare of White Gravel

Stone Border
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